Hi! We're the folks who make Turtle Love Co. happen. We thought you'd like to know who we are... here are some of the essential (and-not-so-essential) facts about us.

It's lovely to meet you! 

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  • head honcho
  • used to be a corporate lawyer
  • grows lettuce
  • has a chicken named Lady Gaga
  • has a black t-shirt for every day of the week
  • loves Mexican Coca-Cola
  • favorite animal: otter
  • childhood ambition: concert violinist

  • customer care and graphics guru
  • from Bangor, Maine, born and raised
  • the playground is where she spent most of her days
  • yard sale blogger
  • Stephen King super-fan
  • loves to enjoy a shady patch of grass under a maple tree
  • childhood ambition: basketball superstar
  • favorite animal: okapi
  • feminist bibliophile 
  • unabashed cheeseburger enthusiast

  • operations manager and product pro
  • has two cats named Harold and Maude
  • favorite place in the world: her grandparent's lake house
  • lived in the California Bay Area for 6 years
  • childhood ambition: to be the voice in commercials
  • favorite animal: nudibranch
  • obsessively collects rocks

  • head hacker
  • favorite book: "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
  • craved salted caramel ice cream
  • robot maker
  • has over 300,000 miles on his car
  • puts a mean spin on a bowling ball
  • favorite animal: velociraptor 
  • used to be a commercial pilot
  • childhood ambition: zookeeper

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