What People are Saying about TLC

Turtle Love Co.'s goal is simple: we want you to be thrilled.

And we'll do what it takes to get you there.

Our customers seem to agree that the TLC experience is pleasant and worry-free. Here's a sampling of comments from our customers:

"I just wanted to tell you that I received the ring today. Your customer service is literally impeccable. I will be sure to post about hard you guys rock after I give him the ring. Possibly best purchasing experience ever :) Thanks again for all your help!" - Lena

"Thank you so much for these beautiful rings!  They are wonderful and even better than the pictures!  The packaging was so lovely and pretty.  It was so exciting to open it and read the Turtle stationery!  Thanks!"  - Liz C.

"Thanks so much for the updates on the ring. I do believe it will arrive in time for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. It has been a pleasure doing business with a professional such as you. In the vernacular of the South, you done good!" - Daniel B.

"The package arrived with no problems. Thank you very much and the ring is awesome!" Thanks again. - Rich K.

"I just received my Gardner band in the mail today (speedy!) and it is beautiful. I love the design and I think I'll be extremely happy with it." - Jenn W.

"We love the rings :)" - Becky M.

"I got it..........and I love it!! I loved the packaging just as much as I love the ring!!" - Lauren

"We really appreciate your prompt service and feedback." - Alex P.

"I received the replacement ring today. Thank you very much, and I appreciate the excellent customer service and the incredibly fast turnaround. Usually internet orders and exchanges take much longer than this did, so obviously you folks know what you're doing."
- Chris W.

"I finally got home from my trip and then made it to the post office this morning to pick up my fabulous new ring! I love it! It's gorgeous on its own - the garnet is a beautiful colour - and it fits both my finger and my wedding ring perfectly. Huzzah! Thanks for all your work in getting it to me - it's just right. I can't stop looking at it and admiring it on my finger. It's making me quite vain!" - Rose R.

"I can't tell you how thrilled I am! Not only did I discover a great resource, but I also found your site and will happily pass along my recomendation to a number of soon-to-be-engaged friends. Your designs are timeless and gorgeous; my thanks for the ring is so sincere!" - Dominique C.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! you're helping to make the wedding that we were dreading (big fluffy white dresses and rings with huge rocks on them are not our thing) a bit more 'us'." - Cheryl F.

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